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Any of this sound familiar?

You’re dreaming of taking the leap to start your own business, but you are paralyzed with fear, worry and doubt which prevents you from taking any action so you dwell in frustration. I can relate.

You believe that because you’ve never been financially abundant, you never will be. Been there too.


You are lacking energy, feeling blah and keep manifesting some sort of illness or injury which feels like constant setbacks. Yup, that too.

      Introducing conscious alignment coaching


Conscious Alignment Coaching utilizes the foundations of the Law of Attraction and other universal principles to identify and clear limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering/soul-aligned beliefs. You will energetically align your inner desires and dreams with your outer life experience. When the inner and outer worlds are in alignment, it creates coherence in which energy can freely flow and things begin to happen with ease.


When the mind, body and soul are not in alignment, it causes a state of disharmony, which can create illness, stress and feelings of unhappiness. Trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and fear all contribute to this disharmony and lack of coherence. By shifting this and allowing the energy to flow, your life becomes more fulfilling and joyful, you will experience better health and vitality and manifesting your desires becomes easier.

Conscious Alignment Coaching, PSYCH-K® process and Pendulum Energy work combines just the right amount of science mixed with a dash of  spirituality, packaged with practical action and lots of fun.

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  • You will gain clarity on what it is you want to do, experience or feel in some aspect of your life and get intentional about having it. 


  • You will identify and release resistance, which keeps you frustrated, stuck and prevents you from moving forward.


  • You will learn tools to recondition the mind through conscious awareness along with new thoughts, actions and habits.


  • We will identify, challenge and shift beliefs that don’t serve you.


  • Gain an understanding in how to use your emotional guidance system to get in vibrational alignment to what you desire.​


  • Become aware of the story you are telling which is keeping you stuck and help you replace it with a new one.


  • Shift your focus from your current reality to what you really want and map out a plan to get you there.


Is PSYCH-K® & Conscious Alignment Coaching for you?

  • Have you made a decision you want your life to be different? Have you had enough?


  • Have you done some prior inner work on yourself, even if that means reading every self-help book in the bookstore, and wonder why you haven't gotten the results you imagined?

  • Are you committed to a new way of being and not looking for a magic pill?


  • Do you recognize or are you open to the concept of a consciousness that is greater than our physical bodies and mind? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, I'd love to connect with you to help facilitate your alignment & transformation.  


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If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, please email me and we can begin a discussion about how this process can work for you.

A year ago, I had a brain scan done which measured brain waves and communication. At that time, it showed the severe trauma I had experienced as a child as well as an overall lack of communication between the hemispheres. It also showed how as a result of the trauma, I filtered everything I saw for safety. The effects of which was a hyper vigilance that was quite uncomfortable along with the other scenarios that childhood trauma caused.  At the time, I remember feeling quite hopeless. I felt what was the point, these grooves were in my brain and they must be permanent. What hope was there of changing that?


Just 2 months ago, I began to work with Laura and I could feel quite palpably the positive shifts in perception, limiting beliefs, experiences and my overall enjoyment of life. I had another brain scan done last week and what a delight. What I felt and sensed intuitively had come to pass. The grooves in my brain had changed and my hemispheric communication was at an optimal level. Not just better but optimal.


I credit this immense change directly to Laura and her facilitation of Psych-K with me. Laura is the real deal. She is insightful as a facilitator. Her background as a Coach shows thru in her mastery of the process work. She has changed the trajectory of my life. I am happy, getting my physical body in shape and my life on track to do the work I came here to do. There are not sufficient words to express my gratitude for her skill-set. And the icing on the cake is she is a pleasure to work with. I always feel safe and cared for".  - JK - Los Angeles, CA