Vibrational Shift Coaching Package

Three 1- hour PSYCH-K®/Coaching sessions providing you with the clarity, supportive goal (belief) statement balances and transformation of stress triggers and fears to raise your vibration and attain conscious alignment.

Who is this appropriate for?

  • Someone with an on-going issue in their life and wants it finally resolved.


  • Anyone working on a short-term goal or project or creating a new vision (health, career, relationship, etc) and would like to be aligned and supported.


  • Anyone who has challenges with: insomnia or sleep issues, weight or health concerns, relationships, money, self-esteem and confidence, career or life purpose or overall happiness and satisfaction.

What's Included:

  • An online pre-session form to make best use of  our time together.

  • One 75-minute session, two 60-minute sessions of PSYCH-K® balances and Alignment coaching.

  • Written recap of PSYCH-K® balances completed,  follow-up actions agreed upon and recommended follow up plan.

  • Email support (if needed) between sessions.

Completion of these 3 sessions will provide you with:

  • Released resistance from limiting beliefs through PSYCH-K® balances which will enable you to achieve your goals.

  • Transformation of stress triggers and fears from past trauma and experiences.


  • Clarity and focus on what action steps you need to take.


  • Practices to pivot unsupportive or fearful thoughts and contrast from unwanted events into your best emotional guidance system.

Coaching Package:

3 PSYCH-K®/Coaching Sessions. $675 in person or remote, paid in advance. Sessions must be used within a 2-month period.