Client Testimonials

Kassie R.

Washington, DC

I have been working with Laura for over 8 years, and while I never thought she could have brought more instruction and insight into our coaching sessions, her Psych-K training has just taken her talent to a new level. After our first Psych-K session, I felt my deep-rooted doubts about being a major money-maker lift like the clearing of fog. I felt lighter and yet more grounded. I’m so excited (and grateful) as I continue my sessions with Laura to see all that we can accomplish together. Thank you Laura!

Angela B.      Chadds Ford, PA

 As an entrepreneur in the metaphysical sector, I thought I’d experienced all that there was to shift one’s subconscious believes and stories. Working with Laura through a remote, Psych-K session proved me wrong! We were able to peel through a few beliefs quickly. I was pleasantly surprised when, a few days and weeks later I began to feel the shifts and see the changes. A huge component of this work is recognizing  both the micro and macro shifts in our lives. Well, I experienced shifts on all levels! I look forward to more growth through the Psy-K modality and I highly recommend it to any and all!



S. St. John.

Boulder, CO

The compulsive worry and the deep feeling that something is wrong is gone. When my brain (consciously) tries to remember like if I think of my son, how I felt about something, kind of like a flashcard saying “oh, I am thinking about Jason” and then all of the sudden the brain goes to try and remember all the negative feelings and how I felt, but when I try to go there, it’s not there. It’s a closed door or a wall that used to be a door. It’s just not there. Disappeared. Evaporated.

Caroline M.

Ontario, CA

I did not know what to expect during my psych-k session with Laura. Before our (remote) session, I had a million changes I have desired swirling through my mind and as soon as we began our session, I felt at ease. Laura helped me zone on what was most important to me and we kept going a little deeper until Laura seemed to find the needle in the haystack. That insight, along with Laura's intuition helped me find the deepest of my desires that I had kept safe in a locked box, deep inside. Opening that box brought me to tears at which point I knew we hit right on the heart of things. 


Immediately afterwards, I felt a sense of lightness and hope which was unusual for me as I was going through a crisis filled with anxiety. Soon after, life became busy and I hadn't put much thought into our session but kept repeating my desire from time to time knowing it was mine... eventually. Fast forward about a month and I have had complete epiphanies in the quiet moments where I see clearly patterns I have held for decades that have been holding me back. At the end of the session, Laura had mentioned that it's not magic and I still have to do the work. I understood the concept but didn't know what that would look like. For me, what that looked like was my subconscious playing a 'movie' of the damaging patterns I had been stuck in or the roles I had been playing that stood between me and my true heart's desire.


The work, it turned out, was not work at all. Once my truths were shown to me, it was impossible not to be different, to act different and I have been watching the changes in myself create a profound ripple effect on my family as well. I would say that Psych-k has helped me through a profound shift that I was ready to take on. I have most definitely healed parts of my past I did not know were broken and laid the foundation for a brighter future.


Wafa H.          Washington, DC

I’ve been feeling absolutely amazing, peaceful and worthy. I had an interview and I didn’t feel any nervousness, fear or doubt. I was totally in command of the interview and requested what I felt I deserved. They were impressed over all. Waiting for them to get back to me. I’m not even anxious about that. I have an unshakable belief that I can get what I want with this position or another. I’m clear, quietly content and enjoying every single moment to the fullest. I have no doubt your session solidified everything I’ve been working on the past 3 years or so. Thank you again.

Claudia C.          New York, NY

I enjoyed so much working with Laura. I found her very loving, supportive and passionate about her work. She understands the Psych-K technique well, the process of peeling out the  layers, by asking the right questions, connecting us to our moment, to our needs. It is a powerful technique supporting us to change our subconscious conditionings. I found Laura at a transitional point of my life and she helped me so much finding my inner strength. Thank you!

Eliza G.              East Hampton, NY

Laura's thoughtful, compassionate and distinctive coaching technique along with the Psych-K balances have truly helped me to overcome issues which have long prevented me from achieving my professional goals.  I have worked with different coaches in the past and never has anyone been able to help me pinpoint the blocks that keep me from fulfilling my potential as Laura has.  Her insightfulness is profound and her skills in helping me to let go of the things that have held me back have been astonishing.  With Laura's help I have shed behaviors and beliefs that kept me from flourishing and as a result I am making great strides forward in both my professional and personal life.  If you are stuck in any way or have habits/thoughts that keep you from being or doing your best, then I highly recommend working with Laura. Her talents will help you to transform your life in a most positive way!

Ben V.          Sag Harbor, NY

I came to Laura after a series of stops and starts on a number of projects in a funk about finances. The Psych-K process had me replace “old” statements that I’d tried to counteract for years through all sorts of therapies and modalities with specific “new” descriptions of my worldview and my circumstances. This was not merely a mental process; Laura asked my body whether it would hold these new ideas/beliefs. I’d never done that before. I’d always tried to fit in new acceptances and new insights into my daily life as if my body would embrace them. It is clear to me now that my body hadn’t fully assimilated or accepted those because the "old stuff" kept coming up.


Since my session, and doing the follow-up writing assignment, I’ve felt a lot freer and lighter. I’ve also had another series of projects come my way that have been both financially rewarding and creatively exciting. The Psych-K experience Laura led and facilitated was wonderfully easy, un-stressful and un-weird, and, best of all, has allowed me to come to terms with a sense of failure that has haunted me for a long time.

 Audra V.   Sag Harbor, NY

went to see Laura for a Psych-K session primarily for issues relating to financial fear. Working with Laura was fun and easy, not voodoo-y or anything too mysterious - her demeanor is relaxed and accessible, yet professional. Immediately following my first session, I felt that the terror around money (or lack of it) had subsided significantly I've had at least 5 interesting and potentially money making opportunities come my way in the last two weeks! 


Jennifer G. Santa Fe, NM

During our session, I definitely did feel a lightness, a weight lifted, and a sense of clarity.  I felt warmth and energy and movement, like things were being released and dissolved.  There was a sense of peace and trust and confidence around the phrases we were working to balance.  I did notice over the holidays I was noticeably more calm with my family, noticeably more tolerant with my sister, and overall more loving and accepting.  I also do currently have a greater sense of clarity around the partner I wish to take on for my business and the role I want them to have.  

Sarah O.

London, UK

Laura’s coaching style is unique. She’s excellent at reading energy and personal drivers, which make for insightful sessions every time. Laura draws from a range of tools to create a tailor made approach in line with you. She’s excellent at asking the right questions and knowing which techniques to use to help achieve breakthroughs. If you are looking for extra support during a change point or guidance to make a transformative shift, I recommend exploring coaching with Laura. 


Washington DC

I was looking for a Coach, Googled some search terms, and came across Laura. I was apprehensive at first, both on the journey I was about to embark on, and on trusting someone I had never met to guide me. We set up an initial call and I immediately felt Laura’s passion for the subject and for helping her clients achieve their goals. Four months later, I give Laura all the credit for selling my business. She worked with me to articulate what I wanted to happen. We then focused on visualization techniques to begin to shift my thinking from desire to belief. I eventually got to the point where I was 100% certain that my business would sell in the timeline I designated, for the amount I wanted, with a buyer I envisioned – long before it actually happened. And it happened.  

Laura G-L,

New York

In our coaching sessions, Laura helped me to get a clearer picture of how I was getting in the way of receiving this big thing I've long been wanting (to become a life coach).  I appreciated that she listened as I described all the obstacles I was facing, and then showed me how to soften my thoughts about them.  She talked with me about what obstacles often mean in a way that resonated with me.  She gave me very practical suggestions to turn my thinking around and to have more appreciation for where I was at.  I easily put all of her suggestions into practice.  Just three months later all obstacles evaporated as if by magic.  I was accepted into my first choice coaching program, with funding, and with my family's complete support.  What a different place I am in today! Laura helped me achieve a miracle.

Beth M. 

Bayville, New York

While coaching with Laura, I experienced some extraordinary results.  She was helping me work on issues that I had been dealing with for over 20 years, ones that I have felt totally stuck about and unable to change even though I believed I wanted to change them.  Laura asked me some critical questions that helped me to view my challenge from other angles and possibilities.  Soon, there was an openness and space within me that was able to move and change- I was unstuck!   Further, what made the coaching process so unique was the subtle way that huge transformation occurred.  Sometimes I didn’t even feel like much was changing at all, yet within 3 months I had experienced awesome growth that enabled me to continue transforming and changing in amazing directions, even after we stopped working together.  Laura is a fabulous coach that really helped me to think outside my own box and to new ways of solving my challenges.