you already are a master manifester

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Do you know that you already are a master manifester? You probably aren't even aware of the magic you are creating below your level of consciousness. I am going to show you how to identify what shows up for you with ease and why that happens.

It occurred to me one day that there were certain things in my life that I manifested every single time I wanted it without fail. At the same time, there were those things that I seemed to have more resistance with, which got me thinking: if it’s worked for me before, why not just apply the same process, right? Or, was there even a process at all? I dug deeper.

Reflecting back, I noticed that there have always been two areas of my life, probably even more but two that come to mind loud and clear, where I manifest what I want effortlessly. That is the key here, effortlessly! Not only that, but people have often commented on how things always work out for me. Think it’s an accident? I don’t.

When I've needed to find a new home to rent, I have always been able to get the exact apartment/house I wanted. I would imagine the feeling the place would have, general characteristics, price range, etc. and wrote this down in as much detail as i could and yup, it has always appeared. The interesting thing is that I always knew it would. I never had any experience of this not happening so there was no doubt whatsoever. Probably my favorite experience with this was when I moved from NYC to Laguna Beach, CA. I said to myself that if I was going to leave NY and live in a beach town, I wanted to live in a very “beachy” home. I could feel what that would be like; open, bright, light-colored furniture, etc. I found exactly that the second apartment I looked at. Ocean views from every room as it was partially up a canyon (much MORE than I envisioned). It was mine for 2 years!

The other area where I always had ease in manifesting was getting the job I wanted. Again, once I knew what I wanted and could see myself in that role (my old corporate working life), I always approached an interview with the attitude of “I’ll get it.”. And, most times, I got it.

Then it occurred to me that there were some areas of my life where I didn't have the same level of ease. In those cases the dominant feeling was not that of ease and knowing, but more like, "these are challenges for me". For me, those areas were creating/attracting the relationship I wanted and manifesting an abundance of money (sound familiar?). I then started to wonder what was holding me back; I mean after all, I am a master manifester! When I looked at this what came glaring at me was “well, duh…listen to the story you are telling about those areas!” I had no story about the apts. and jobs so they came very easy to me. Or, I should say, my story was “I always get what I want” and I did.

I looked at the stories I was telling myself (and I’m sure to countless others in casual conversation) regarding my relationship history and my financial past. There were two very apparent things I noticed: I had mixed vibrations going based on my past beliefs and what I now presently wanted. The other big part was not having the clarity of what I really wanted would actually look like. I was able to manifest relationships but since I was telling myself a certain story of what I thought I needed to have, that is exactly what I got. Same for the money situation; I could manifest money whenever I needed it, and frankly got a little too good at the “just getting by” scenario that I neglected to really look at what abundance and “more than enough” would look and feel like. This was a huge “aha” for me.

So, realizing that my money story came from my parents (where most of our money stories, both good and bad come from) and my relationship story came from my not really believing I could have all that I wanted, I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to change my beliefs and allow the same ease of allowing as I was always able to do with apartments and jobs.

Here is the simple process I use myself and with clients to allow the manifestion they want with what they already know:

Find evidence that you are already a Master Manifester. This is going to show up differently for different people, but what do you always seem to attract into your life every time and you always know you will? It can be something as simple as, “I always get a parking spot whenever I need one”. For others it will be something bigger like “I can get any man I want to ask me out”.

Once you have an item (or few), look at the belief/thoughts you have when you decide you want it. Mine was something like “I can find this…I always do” Or “Once I decide what I want and can see myself living there…it’s mine”. As you can see, there is no doubt whatsoever. I claim it now. Now look at an area in your life where there is strong desire but have been unable to manifest. Take a few minutes and notice what are the first feelings/thoughts/beliefs that come to you about this. Is it something like: “I want it…but”. Know that the “but” is like putting a “cancel” stamp on your order. It’s a vibration of doubt, fear or uncertainty, which means you are not aligned with it and cannot allow it to manifest (at least, not without A LOT of work).

Create a new belief about what it is you want. If it’s the new “perfect” relationship start telling yourself (and as many others who will listen to you) that there are so many women/men out there and I get to choose the perfect one for me. This person is looking for me as I am looking for them. I can already feel what it will be like to have this relationship. Then, know it’s coming, without a doubt just because you know how to get what you want. You can even say to yourself: “I am attracting this relationship with the same ease that I have attracted _______”. Evidence of past success is a huge vibration shifter!

Taking a look from this perspective is important because not only does it show us how we already are Master Manifesters, but looking at what shows up easily for us can shed some light on those things that do not, and since they are examples from our own life, we already know the feeling that we have when we allow things effortlessly to come to us and how we can apply that to the other things we want.

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