why ignorance can be bliss

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

My college friend Ron and I used to say, “It’s not easy being us”. We were (still are) cerebral, analytical and very self-aware. We would spend way too much time going over “why” this happened and what it all meant. We were exhausted. We used to joke how much easier life was for people who were “simple”. They didn’t know what they were missing, after all. How easy it would be to go through life not second-guessing or allowing the committee in our heads to consume hours at a time trying to make a decision. We envisioned them sitting around a boardroom where each member represented different aspects of an argument as to whether we should do something or not. It was funny, but only to a point. Of course, that was long before I became aware of the Law of Attraction and exactly what we were doing, albeit unconsciously. We were not relying on what felt right to us, but what we could reason was the best decision. Life seemed harder then. If we just had simple minds, life would be easy. Or, if we just knew less.

“Lack of knowledge results in happiness” – Wikipedia definition under “ignorance is bliss”

I often wonder what life would be like if we had limited access to the information that comes into our daily lives. Imagine if we completely stopped watching or reading the news, as many of us have. Does it really matter to us what is happening on Wall Street if we set our own intentions for our successful business? We would not entertain thoughts that customers or clients wouldn’t show up because they were fearful about spending money. We believe that prosperity and abundance is all around us so of course they could afford us! It is not only how this information affects us consciously (we watch violence on the news and think the world is a dangerous place) but even more significant is how it affects us unconsciously. We take in all these images that we don’t desire in our experience and yet we are constantly imprinting them in our minds. Our brains cannot distinguish whether something is real (you are actually witnessing this happening) or it is created in a movie with stunts. These images cause an internal reaction, which in turn creates a vibration of fear, lack or scarcity. We then begin to notice more and more of it as now it has been activated. This is why it’s so important to consciously choose what we allow our senses to be exposed to. Daily does of news watching the crumbling financial markets, images of polluted waters or acts of violence do not serve us in any way.

“Usually once the whole truth is revealed you realize you were happier being clueless”. – Urban Dictionary

Let’s take it one step further and go out on a limb. A person goes to a doctor for a check-up and the doctor finds something he doesn’t like and wants tests done. Might be cancer. The results come back and they are not good. The doctor tells you at best you have 6-9 months to live. Panic sets in and all you can focus on is this deadly time bomb growing in your body.

I’ve imagined what the world would be like with LOA savvy doctors. Instead of getting the I-don’t-like-the-looks-of-this response upon reviewing a spot on an x-ray and then orders more tests only to give you the news that you have an expiration date in the not too distant future, it sounds more like this:

“I see something, but it’s no big deal. Nothing to worry about. I want to give you some suggestions to maximize your health.” I wonder to what extent the recovery rate would climb of so-called incurable illnesses would be? I understand all about ethics, morals and the responsibility of doctors so I am not suggesting health care professionals lie to their patients, but it’s interesting to explore what might happen if we were told that we are in over-all good health and just as a precaution they would like us to do some things to maximize our health?

"My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother." - Wilma Rudolph 1940-1994, Olympic Gold Medalist

As deliberate creators we know that what we give our focus and attention to gets bigger and we attract more of that into our experience. By focusing on a diagnosis of illness we are not giving our attention to wellness. What also comes into play here is all of the years of accumulated information and knowledge that we have received since childhood that is embedded into our subconscious. Many times these become our default thoughts. For example: If someone was raised to believe that money is hard to get and even harder to hold onto, following the stock market or reading the woes in the Financial Times is going to give them evidence to support those beliefs. The vibration of “money is scarce” has been activated and will be in your experience. The physical world is a wonderful (and accurate) reflection of our inner vibration. If we are experiencing or creating financial abundance in our lives, any information to the contrary will not support us. It may bring up feelings of doubt and fear and will surely kink up that easy financial flow vibe.

Information serves us if it’s in alignment with what we desire. Having more knowledge does not always make a decision easier as it still comes down to what feels best. We can read up on all the latest dietary and health trends but will finding out our favorite food is “bad” for us really help us if it is something that brings us pleasure when overall we practice self-love and take care of our bodies? We know we have control over what we experience in our lives but would our job be easier if we were more selective about the information we allowed into our consciousness? We are a nation of information junkies with the underlying thought that more is always better. But does this always serve us? There is something to be said for letting our imagination give us all the information we need to create the life we want. Ignorance can in fact, be bliss.

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