three morning rituals to raise your vibration

Morning habits. We all have them, many times without even thinking about it. We get out of bed and feel around for our slippers on the floor, drag ourselves into the bathroom to do our business and then blindly feel our way down the stairs to make a cup of coffee. It’s what we do each morning, automatically without being conscious of it.

Rituals, however are a little different. In performing a ritual, we have intention behind it, meaning we are deliberately taking an action with presence and awareness and are usually focused on a specific feeling or state. We may have on hand some tools to assist us and often have a specific location for the actual ritual. Some people might believe that rituals must have some religious significance or that it’s some kind of weird black magic. While they most certainly can, they can also just be a way to connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom, your spirit guides (whatever that means to you) or just getting into a state of feeling gratitude for all the wondrous things in your life.

Starting off the day with a ritual, whether it be 5 minutes while brushing your teeth or 45 minutes sitting in a lotus position, can make a huge difference in how you move through your day. It sets your vibrational tone for the remainder of the day and your life. I find I am slightly less “present” when I don’t take the time in the morning to connect with my “higher” or spiritual self.

Here are three rituals that you can do depending on what you resonate with and can always choose to do more than one if you are inspired. My favorite one which I do in some form on most days is what I call Connect and Ground.

Connect and Ground Ritual:

You do this ritual before you even get out of bed. I have been doing this in some form or another for several years and it has really made a difference in my life. I have added little “gems’ over time to help make it even more special and utilize as many of my senses as possible.

• Step one: Upon waking, before you even get out of bed, set a timer for whatever duration of time feels good for you to start. I do 25 mins but even just 5 minutes will make a difference.

• Step two: Bring any tools to enhance the experience and let your brain know it’s time to switch gears and open up to receiving. I use an essential oil that I rub in my hands and inhale. I then take a crystal that was given to me as a gift for clarity and lay it on my chest. I put an eye pillow across my eyes and begin to relax all the muscles in my body starting with my feet all the way up to my head.

• Step three: I take 3 deep breaths and ground myself by imaging roots coming from the bottom of my feet all the way into the center of the earth. I see these roots putting out any toxins, negativity or fear out of my body. I literally start feeling a tingling sensation in my legs. At the same time I imagine another set of “roots” coming up from the earth giving me vitality, healing, clarity and insight. It becomes a pattern of inhaling vitality and exhaling toxins. The imagery really adds to this experience. I then focus on a white gold speckled light coming in the top of my head that brings me information and healing from Source. I also send out imagery of what I’d like to bring into my life and putting it into the Universe.

• Step 4: I call in my “helpers”. This can be anything that resonates with you from Source, Angels, Guides or even just your Higher Self. The idea here is to connect with something that is outside of your thinking, ego mind to receive guidance. I ask if there is anything I need to know today and state that I will be aware and present to allow this information to come to me.

• Step 5: I state everything that I am grateful for. This can be the same thing every day or you can change it. The important is to see how much you really have to be grateful for.

• Step 6: And lastly, I state my intentions for the day. Basically, it’s how I want to show up, and then I list a few things for that specific day.

If there is any time left after I finish this before the timer goes off, I just focus on breathing and receiving any information or insights that may be coming to me.

2) Rinse and Release Ritual:

This ritual is done during your morning shower. It’s an easy one since you are already doing the morning ritual of the shower and getting cleansed so what you will be adding is a visualization. Instead of seeing your shower as a place to just get clean and wake up, you are now creating a little water sanctuary experience.

It is a good idea to use products that having pleasing fragrances to add to the sensory sensation. As you get in the shower you are going to pretend that from your shower head, instead of just clear water, you are being sprinkled with gold flecked drops. What these drops are doing is cleansing all fear, worry and negativity. It is a good idea to think of 2-3 things that may be on your mind that you’d like to release in the shower and get washed down the drain. If you are particularly concerned about something that day for example, this is a great way to shift those worrying thoughts to those of “it’s all being taken care of”.

After you release all the fears and negative thinking, now is the time to state 2-3 events in the present tense as if they’ve already occurred and give thanks for that. There is something very powerful about the visualization of the gold speckled water pouring out and literally washing your concerns down the drain.

3) Prepaving The Day Ritual:

In this ritual you write a page in your journal is if it were the end of the day and recall all of the things that went right and the unexpected wonderful surprises that showed up. It is a good idea to light a candle or some incense and maybe even play some soft music. What you want to do is create a peaceful atmosphere that has you “reflecting’ back on the day where everything unfolded in the most perfect manner. You are seeing the best-case scenario and are seeing it as s done deal.

Try one or all three of these morning rituals and see if it affects how you feel for the rest of the day. By intentionally taking some action to be conscious and raise your vibration, you are opening yourself to unlimited possibilities.

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