there is no "good" and "bad" in the law of attraction...

As someone who has studied the Law of Attraction from every which way imaginable, I am always surprised when I get a “revelation” about its workings seemingly out of the blue. That happened to me recently.

I was feeling a bit of an ache in my tooth one evening and thought, I hope this isn’t something serious that is going to be a big expense. I then went to the everything-that-you-manifest-in-the-physical-starts-out-as-a-thought-that-caused-that-vibration. If you are at all familiar with the law of attraction, you will know exactly what I am talking about. I must have caused this. What have I been thinking about (a lower vibe obviously) that could have caused this “unwanted bad’ thing.

And then the proverbial light bulb illuminated above my head. Here’s the thing: the Universe doesn’t see things the way we do. There is no good or bad, things just are. Or put another way, we give the meaning to an event or situation through our judgment or point of view, whereas to the Universe, everything is neutral.

It is what it is.


The Universe operates vibrationally and just matches one vibe to another in that same frequency.

So, what happens is that we give meaning to a situation, “this is a bad thing” which is a lower energetic vibration which leads to more “bad feeling thoughts”. How did I create this? What did I do wrong? How am I going to get myself out of it?

If we were to just look at the world, ourselves and the events that are around us as just low or high vibrational manifestations, we can take the charge off judging and giving meaning to what we are or aren’t doing “right”. Therefore if a lower vibrational occurrence happens, we can notice our reaction to “this is not wanted” and then take whatever measure we can to raise our vibration.

Sometimes our vibration is lowered through fear, thoughts of “what if”, watching the news or a scary movie and we don’t realize how our mind interprets this as something actually happening to us. There is no distinction in the brain between something witnessed (or imagined) or something actually happening.

When I change the idea that something is not good or bad, but just is I can actually feel a relief in my body. The judgment that something can be “bad” causes a constriction of energy flow that something is wrong and action needs to be taken.

If we can make a conscious effort to look at things as just what they are and not assigning a label to them, the whole world starts to look different and our vibration is instantly raised. Our individual point of view decides how we label something. Try removing the label and see how your life changes.

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