the power of deciding in the law of attraction

We make decisions all day, everyday of our lives, from the moment we wake up to the moment we lay our head on the pillow to go to sleep. Most of the decisions we make throughout the day are below the level of our conscious awareness. We get out of bed, brush our teeth, get in the shower, etc. and start our day, but we are not aware that all of those actions required decisions.

Now let’s look at the difference when we consciously decide something. When decide what flavor ice cream to order, we are closing off all other options. We have decided we don’t want one of the other flavors, and would not be happy if we were given one. The origin of the word “decide” is decidere, which means, “to cut”. When you decide something you are cutting off all other alternatives, options and choices. You are making a very clear statement to the Universe that “I have decided”. It’s a done deal, I know it’s coming and now I can get excited for it. The interesting thing about this is that energetically you feel a huge sense of relief that you no longer how to figure out how you are going to get this, you just know that you will. There is a sense of empowerment and surrender at the same time and this combination; I believe is where the resistance fades away.

Here is where I believe the magic is in this: When you decide something and then talk about it – you become as if it’s already happening (like you just got a job offer letter). You are not acting as if it already happened, but as if it’s happening and you feel the anticipation of it, which is different than trying to imagine that it already happened. I feel the huge difference here is that you are looking forward to it happening and expect it. So, I encourage people to DECIDE and then get excited for it. You are raising your vibration sky high and are also sending out a message to the Universe that says, “Okay, let me see how you are going to make this happen for me, because I am handing it over to you”. Your vibration is pure anticipation, which is the absence of all resistance.

I recently discovered a very powerful LOA tool, actually by accident and then started to see evidence of it after the fact. I then realized I had used this at other times in my life, way before I even knew what the Law of Attraction was. It is the power of DECIDING. Sounds very simple especially when so many Law Of Attraction tools for manifesting ask us to do things repeatedly, writing things down, visualizing, affirming, etc. Am I telling you all you need to do is DECIDE something? Yes, that is pretty much it. But, there is a bit more to it.

Here is a recent example of how I discovered the power of deciding. I had temporarily moved out of the area I was living and into my parent’s house (which is empty in the winter months) since I didn’t want to spend another winter where I was. The intention was to get settled, save some money and then ultimately moved back into NYC. Or so I thought. The more I thought about it and imagined my life back in the city (I had not lived there in over 10 years) it became less appealing to me. However, I didn’t know where I else I wanted to live. I had already done the cross-county move to CA. So, I stayed where I was living, not wanting to be there (my parents eventually returned home) and was not going to leave until I knew where I wanted to go. I also knew that to move to the city or any other desirable place in the area that I wanted to live would require me to supplement my income in some way. So, here I was, not happy with where I was living, didn’t know where I wanted to go, didn’t know how I’d be able to afford on my own the places I wanted to live. It felt kind of trapped in trying to figure it all out. I also knew that trying to figure it out and that it needed to happen in some logical order, was creating more resistance for me of what I did not want. I knew in some way I needed to “give up” or surrender. Another way to look at it was to turn it over to the Universe.

I then thought, the first thing I must do is make peace with where I was. I made a list of all the things I appreciated about where I was living, even though I didn’t want to be there. I knew that until I was grateful for what I presently had in my life, things would not change and I would just keep creating more of the same. Then something just hit me and it was almost as if I got to the point where I could no longer try and figure out what to do next or HOW to make it happen. I just DECIDED to move in October (this was early August). It was if I got a nudge from somewhere that said, “you just need to decide something and it’s done”. So, when I realized that I could no longer stay where I was (it wasn’t working for me anymore) and also was frustrated in not being able to orchestrate how it was all going to play out, I decided to move and let the rest fall into place. Otherwise, my focus would have been on my “what is” and the lack that I was experiencing.

Now, here is the interesting part. Not only did I not know where I was going to move, but also wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to afford it without having an additional source of income. Still, I decided to move, started telling people I was going to move in October (and when they asked where, I’d just say, I don’t know. All I know is that I am moving), and then I became this person who was soon to be moving. I started getting excited for it, anticipating it and even began to start organizing my stuff to get ready for my move.

What started happening was I started to become more attracted to an area I was considering and another place become less so. I was spending more time in the place I had recently moved from and found it appealing again. As if there was untapped opportunities there. On a whim, I asked a friend who’s apartment I used to rent if she was open to me moving back and what kind of a deal she could give me. Not only was it available, but she offered me a very affordable rent and without a security deposit or lease, offered it to me on a month to month basis. I decided to take it on 3-month trial (just for my peace of mind in case I decided not to stay there). Soon after I got an offer to lead a lecture at a world renowned spa in the area I was going to move to, AND they decided to offer Life Coaching as a new service at the spa and I would be their coach. All of the sudden, everything was falling into place and I really didn’t do anything other than DECIDE and get excited for it, and follow some intuitive action. I did move in October and am thrilled to be here.

There have been a few other areas in my life where I had had amazing results when I just decided something. I realized a few key things that made this work for me, even when I didn’t realize at the time what I was actually doing.

1) You need to get to a place where you can’t figure out the answer. You are finished trying to orchestrate it but know you need a change. It doesn’t even have to be in the logical order of things. I decided to move before I knew where I wanted to go or before I had that the steady income that I would need to afford it. It still worked out.

2) You cannot trick your vibration by saying I am going to decide and then still feel frustrated where you are. After you decide, the most important thing is to feel excited for what is coming, know that because you have decided (meaning you have cut off all other options), what you want IS coming to you. Period. End of story. The Universe has no other choice than to pull it together for you.

3) When you decide you can feel it because you know it’s coming. You are not pretending it is already here which is hard for some people and creates resistance. You can start a journal of what you are anticipating, but it’s still in the present tense…see the difference? You are not putting yourself in the future. You are fully in the present enjoying the anticipation of what is coming.

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