7 characteristics of a conscious relationship

Times have changed where you got married just because you were supposed to. That it was the “thing” to do. Yeah, you wanted kids and loved the idea of “till death do us part” but in reality many times death of the marriage came too soon. We entered into it somewhat blind to what lie lurking beneath the surface. The unconscious motivations we had for selecting a certain partner. The old patterns which keep playing out in our relationships that we just chalked up to “that’s the way I am”.

Not to mention the clichés and societal norms we’ve accepted as being true when you are part of a couple: The honeymoon won’t last, “ball and chain”, etc…

I’ve often noticed people who seem to treat their friends with more respect than they do their partners, as friendships are considered fragile. If they are not nurtured and cared for, they will wither and die. Where as you have taken a vow to stay with your partner, no matter what.

As people become more conscious, they start looking at all aspects of their lives and make decisions from that place. Not just going into something because it’s “better than nothing”. They are deliberately intending to create the relationship they desire.

So, what does a conscious relationship actually look like?

1) Your partner wants you to be the best version of you and encourages you to have your own interests.

2) You both understand that you are two separate souls who have your own journey and are still developing throughout this lifetime. You are together because you choose to be together.

3) A conscious relationship will mirror back to you all the things you are unaware of. Your fears, your insecurities, your past hurts…they present an opportunity for you to shed light on habits and patterns that may no longer be serving you.

4) The more conscious you become the more you will energetically attract someone at your vibrational level. The more conscious you are, the more you will tap into the connectedness of everything and you will be vibrating at a higher level. You will start noticing that those who are at a lower vibrationally energetic level will no longer be as attractive to you.

5) When problems or conflict arise, you see it as an opportunity to see what is beneath the surface and see how there is never one person to blame in a relationship.

6) Confront your fears which rear their heads in relationships. They surface in relationships so they can be healed. This is where your ego will step in to try and protect you. Thank it for doing it's job and tell it "you've got this". This is an opportunity to work through them, not bolt.

7) You will attract what you need to evolve. Always reflect your inner connectedness to how much love you can give and receive in your life.

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