Pendulum for Healing & Manifesting


I have added a new element to my PSYCH-K®️ and Coaching protocol called Pendulum for Healing and Manifestation. It is the perfect complement to PSYCH-K®️ balances as it utilizes energy in a different way, but works on the same principle: we are energetic beings who are connected to the quantum field and are always receiving and transmitting information.  PSYCH-K®️ tells us what is programmed into the subconscious mind and the pendulum gives commands to affect the energetic body. 


This unique combination of modalities can be used for Health & Healing, Wealth & Prosperity, Relationships & Self-love, Self-Expression & Life Purpose. The pendulum is a healing tool which transmits "energy" and mental images called "thought forms" to the person being healed. Words create thought forms which is why affirmations are so powerful. The pendulum activates them even more.  


Here's how a pendulum works:

  • A person describes a situation they would like to focus on and positive statements (commands) are created. And example would be "Increase my ability to receive financial abundance". 

  • The pendulum is given the command and begins to spin. If it spins to the right, something is being added, and if it spins left, something is being removed, such as blocks, trauma, pain, etc. Commands use specific wording - declaring what you want, which differs from the language we use in PSYCH-K®️ goal statements, which are created in the present tense as beliefs which you desire to be true for you. 


  • As the pendulum spins it gathers energy and when it is finished it will be balanced and then moves side to side and the energy is sent off. 


  • The pendulum affects the subtle body (also known as the Etheric body or Aura field) which then affects the physical body. 

  • The intentions of the practitioner and pendulum commands become thought forms that are transmitted to the person being healed or transformed, affecting the subtle body. The spinning action of the pendulum creates an energy vortex known as the "cone of power". This spinning action provides energy to strengthen transmission of the thought forms, the conscious intent of the healer and emanations of the pendulum. It then transmits this energy out into the world, otherwise known as the "astral plane". 

  • It's really that simple and yet incredibly powerful. 

The way I've designed these sessions with clients is to first do some pendulum work on sending out commands to that which they desire. We first check the person's ability to "receive" and if it shows up low on the scale, we change that to a higher level and then measure on the scale to see the change. The reason for this, which is very important in any transformational work is that someone can have a desire to create change in their life, but if they have a low ability to receive, this will hinder their efforts.

After doing a few pendulum commands, we then move to PSYCH-K and check if there is any stress around the situation. If so, we balance for it. We then do some goal statement balances (for new beliefs) which now will bring the subconscious mind on-board to what we have just given commands to the etheric (energy) body. The combination is truly magical.