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As we get closer to the end of the year and even more significant this year as it is the end of a decade, many of us reflect back on what went well and what didn’t, what we’d like to let go of and what we’d like to bring in and then the all too familiar, how we can better ourselves…


That usually translates into making New Years Resolutions…you know, the list of things we promise ourselves we are going to do different this year. It’s a fresh New Year. I’ll just decide to do this or stop doing that and voila¢, my life will be great.


Not so fast.


In spite of our good intentions, the average number of times a specific New Year’s resolution is made is 10. Those who manage to make a resolution that lasts for 6 months or more have tried 5 or 6 times before finally succeeding.

The reason most of us fail to keep New Years Resolutions is the same reason why it is so hard to create any change in our lives. Creating change consciously will be difficult (and take much longer) than if the subconscious mind was on board as well. Let’s say you want to finally lose those 10 extra pounds you’ve been carrying. Your intention may be to lose weight but your subconscious will tell you (from past experience) that it’s hard, you have no will power, you won’t be able to do it and basically will prevent you from taking actions that will actually allow you to lose that weight. You will ultimately feel bad and that you have failed, when in reality, your subconscious was just doing it’s job, creating action or inaction based on what it’s been programmed to do, just like a computer.


But imagine if you were able to shift those beliefs to actually support you in your efforts to lose the weight? Such as:


“It is easy for me to release unwanted weight.”


“I have excellent willpower to only eat when I am hungry.”


“I know what it feels like to be slim and healthy.”


“My body craves food that is healthy and enables me to be at my ideal weight”.


“ It is easy for me to exercise for 30 minutes a day.”


All this is possible with PSYCH-K® balances.


It works for any area of your life. Want to stop smoking? Change jobs and/or start your own business? Boost your self-esteem and attract a new romantic relationship? Or how about create an optimum level of health and well-being? I’ve worked with clients in all those areas and am offering a special package for those who want to finish out the year and start a new one being consciously aligned and supported.

From November 1st until January 15th, I am offering PSYCH-K® New Years Transformation of three 1-hour sessions where we focus specifically on what beliefs you’d like to shift to start your new year off to the best possible start. We can also address any fears or stress around your specific area and transformation the perception of those as well.


Here’s what is included: Investment $575 (usual package rate is $625).


1)  A pre-session form to get clear on what are your priorities.


2)  A 75-minute session (in-person in local NY area or video remote) where we create goal statements and transform any stress triggers.


3) Two additional 60-minute sessions.


4)  A written follow up recap of what was covered in each session so you don’t have to take any notes and can be totally present for the session.


Additional information:

1)    Sessions of 3 must be used within a 2-month time frame.

2)    Single sessions are available at the regular rate of $225.

3)    Payment is due in full before the first session.

4)    Sessions must be paid for and booked with the time frame of Nov. 15th-Jan. 15th.


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