The Relationship between your home & your subconscious mind

Your home is like a 2r hour/3D Vision board. It reflects what's in your subconscious and reinforces back to you what you are creating. 

The topic of money can bring up all sorts of emotions and questions, yet it's rarely discussed. Why don't I have more? Why is it so hard to get? Why do some people seem so lucky? Why does it always seem to go so quickly when I actually do get some?  And so on and so on...

Truth is we all have a relationship with money and sometimes it's not always the most loving. We speak of it with dread, we avoid talking about it and too often we get rid of it as fast as it comes to you. Would you want to hang around?

Usually we are unaware of our beliefs and attitudes about money because they have been programmed from an early age. We received messages about it from our parents and took them on as fact. 

The good news is that you can transform your relationship with money and actually make it want to hang out with you even to the point of building a future together, by becoming aware of your behaviors towards it and giving it a little TLC. 

That is why I created the Money Relationship Rx E-Course. In this 4 week home study course, you will become aware of your money sabotaging habits and trade them in for ones that help you achieve financial abundance. 

There are 4 lessons, worksheets and weekly review. You will get tons of tips and techniques to transformation your relationship once and for all. 

I originally offered this as an on-line course for $149 and I've revised it for home study to make it more affordable and assessable at $38. If you decide you'd like additional support either during the course or after, you can book private PSYCH-K® and coaching sessions with me at a special discounted rate. 

Just click the link below to purchase. 

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