Home Space Clearing & Energy Alignment

Did you know that your home has its own “consciousness” and retains energy and imprints from past occupants and events? Human beings absorb and exhibit energy and if you’ve ever walked into a space and got a weird “vibe” or felt stressed for no reason, you know what I am referring to. Not only is energy retained in the rooms, it’s in the structure, furniture and walls themselves. Negative energy can exert profound effects that can deplete you of mental and physical strength and cause a sense of imbalance, nervousness or anxiety.


Clearing your home gives you a fresh start and allows you to live in a space that is nurturing, restoring and rebalancing. In the space clearing and energy alignment process, I assess the current energy with the dowsing rods to see where the energy may be trapped, or off balance. I then use various tools to harmonize and clear the space.


Things that contribute to “bad” energy in your space include: On-going arguments among family or household members, excessive clutter and disorganization, which can be an energetic drain and if the space has been the scene of negative emotional events.

Tools to create clearing and energetic alignment:

Dowsing (or Divining) Rods 

dowsing rods.png

Dowsing (or Divining) Rods are used to test the amount of positive and negative energy in an area or a room, known as “Chi”. We then make adjustments so the energy can flow more freely and can make the space feel more positive and uplifting. A room with good energy will have an even amount of “Chi” flowing throughout it.

Tibetan Singing Bowl


Tibetan Singing Bowls are frequently used in cleansing the home and ridding it of low and confined energy. When negative energy is cleared, fresh new chi can flow through the house.  These differing tones represent the “dead” and “alive” energy of your house and the singing bowl can help bring these energies into positive balance.

Resin Incense


Resin Incense is made by Benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey in England, which are the oldest incense blenders in Europe. Ancient cultures burned resins to eliminate negative energies from themselves and their surroundings. It has proven scientific merit, due to the release of negative ions into the atmosphere, which can create more positive moods, sense of relief and wellbeing. When these molecules are inhaled and absorbed into our bloodstream the negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin that help to alleviate depression, stress, and even boost energy. Smudging, or cleansing smoke bath as it is called, is one of the oldest spiritual purification rituals as the smoke absorbs the negative energies and traps them, where they are carried away as the smoke dissipates.



Pendulum for intention setting:  The spinning action of the pendulum creates an energy vortex known as the "cone of power" and provides energy to transmit thought forms (words of intention) out into the world, otherwise known as the "astral plane". 

Space alignment and energy clearing can be done for new home owners/renters or quick energy clearing for short-term renters.

Hamptons - NYC



Cottage or Small House $300

Large House $500

Short term rental clearings $175