Clarity & Alignment Session

Individual session to transform limiting beliefs and/or past stress triggers 

Who is this appropriate for?

  • Anyone who wants to clear limiting beliefs around a specific condition or situation which keep them from having what they desire.


  • Someone who experiences stress triggered by events from their past (or any past trauma). * may require more than one session. 


  • Anyone with has tried other modalities for transformation and has not yet been successful.


  • Someone who wants to experience the transformational benefits of PSYCH-k®.

What's included:

  • An online pre-session form to fill out to help best make use of  our time together.

  • A 75-minute session of PSYCH-K® balances and Alignment coaching.  

  • Written recap of PSYCH-K® balances completed,  follow-up actions agreed upon and recommended follow up plan.

  • Email support (if needed) for one week following our session.

You will leave the session with:

  • Clarity on what you want to create in your life and beliefs which support you in achieving it.


  • Released resistance because of stress triggers or fears with a change in perception through PSYCH-K® balances. 


  • Completion of 3-4 PSYCH-K® balances, follow-up action plan and a feeling of being at peace.


Session Fee: 75 Minutes $250 in-person or remote. You may apply the $250 towards a 3-session package rate of $675 if you contact me within 2 days of your session.